Welcome to Accu-Counter Technologies website and thank you for visiting us. We hope this site will answer your basic questions and help you appreciate the advantages and value shot counters bring to firearms. We believe that shot counters are as important to firearms as odometers are to the automobile. Please contact us for further information at 859.344.6770.

Photos: Courtesy of the DOD


* Water Proof

* No Emissions

* Weighs Two Ounces

* Operates -30° C

* Resettable

* Passive



Welcome to Accu-Counter
Weapon Maintenance Shot Counter Technologies


We are the inventors of the original weapon shot counter (Black Box) for weapons.

Following years of research and development, procurement of the Accu-Counter shot counter for military and national security weapons began in 2006 with the adoption of the Accu-Counter shot counter by USSOCOM for the M4A1 Carbine.


Since the initial 2006 Award we have placed our technology on numerous weapons for the world's leading weapon manufacturers and elite domestic and international military units. Today, Accu-Counter is recognized as the world leader in shot counter technology and the only company with a comprehensive on weapon maintenance system.


Accu-Counter raised the bar for twenty-first century weapon sustainment and maintenance in 2010 with the introduction of the NEW ACT Shot Counter and Software. This NEW capability makes predictive and preventive weapon maintenance a reality.