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Photos: Courtesy of the DOD


* Water Proof

* No Emissions

* Weighs Two Ounces

* Operates -30° C

* Resettable

* Passive

Weapon Shot Counter


The Accu-Counter Shot Counter is a passive weapon accessory that automatically stores round count, bursts, firing cadence and total rounds fired. This feature allows maintenance personnel to determine the lifecycle status of each weapon and all of its components. The Accu-Counter will help you eliminate unexpected weapon malfunction or catastrophic weapon failure and provide the operator with increased confidence.


By adding shot counters weapon maintenance can be moved from calendar (time) schedule to a usage schedule. Rounds fired data will enable a more cost-effective, reliable, preventive and predictive maintenance schedule which will improve overall weapon maintenance and performance. With the introduction of weapon component profiles (algorithms) along with reliable rounds fired data, components can be replaced on the most cost effective/reliability schedule.


Both armorers and operators conclude the Accu-Counter Shot Counter with ACT software enhances training and augments after mission reviews.