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Photos: Courtesy of the DOD


* Water Proof

* No Emissions

* Weighs Two Ounces

* Operates -30° C

* Resettable

* Passive




  • Water Proof

  • No RF Emissions

  • Weighs Two Ounces

  • Operates -30*C

  • Resettable by Maintenance Personnel

  • Shot Counter is Passive

  • Stores Lifetime Shot and Burst Data

  • Long Life Lithium Battery

  • Stores Weapon Maintenance History

  • Shot Counter and Weapon Serial # linked

AR Grip Module




  • Wireless Data Retrieval

  • Eliminates Unnecessary Maintenance

  • Eliminates Premature Part Replacement

  • Reduces Shipping and Depot Overhaul

  • Reduces Weapon Failure

  • Increases Operator Confidence

  • Custom Module Available upon Request

Machine Gun Module