Welcome to Accu-Counter Technologies website and thank you for visiting us. We hope this site will answer your basic questions and help you appreciate the advantages and value shot counters bring to firearms. We believe that shot counters are as important to firearms as odometers are to the automobile. Please contact us for further information at 859.344.6770.


Photos: Courtesy of the DOD


* Water Proof

* No Emissions

* Weighs Two Ounces

* Operates -30° C

* Resettable

* Passive

Preemptive Maintenance


Why Accu-Counter Shot Counters?


Aviation and other sophisticated mechanical devices have maintenance programs that are preventative in nature and not based on system failure.  A system failure system would be unacceptable to aviation or life support equipment. With this thought in mind Accu-Counter developed a sophisticated shot counter memory system and introduced preventive maintenance and sustainment to small arms.


The patented shot counter and copyrighted software identifies the service life of critical weapon components.  Many weapon parts, particularly barrels and bolts, are affected not only by round count, but firing cadence; high temperature and cyclic loads.


Prior to Accu-Counter’s shot counter, the maintenance of weapons was based on either the weapons failure or a time schedule.  This made no allowance for the number of rounds fired through a weapon or for the rate rounds were fired. By adding the Accu-Counter Shot Counter to weapons, maintenance goes from a time schedule to a usage schedule.  ACT shot counters and software will provide you a cost-effective program which will save you time and money while improving weapon lifecycle sustainment.