Welcome to Accu-Counter Technologies website and thank you for visiting us. We hope this site will answer your basic questions and help you appreciate the advantages and value shot counters bring to firearms. We believe that shot counters are as important to firearms as odometers are to the automobile. Please contact us for further information at 859.344.6770.


Photos: Courtesy of the DOD


* Water Proof

* No Emissions

* Weighs Two Ounces

* Operates -30° C

* Resettable

* Passive

Weapons Gallery


Shot counters have been designed and placed on numerous weapons in various calibers for weapon manufacturers’ and End Users.  The slideshow will provide you a glimpse of the many assault weapons, machine guns and sniper rifles we have calibrated for a shot counter system.  We consider shot counters for these weapons a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product.